Extraction and Terpene Loss

As we learn more about medical cannabis, we are becoming clearer about how many different healing agents exist within the plant.

Terpenes, the fragrant essential oils within Cannabis may actually work synergistically with THC, CBD and other Cannabinoids. Besides creating the distinctive aromas of various strains of Cannabis and other plants, they may in fact help in the delivery of THC and CBD. (Alpha Terpineol has already been proven to be anti-cancer in many studies). And there are potentially over 30 different terpenes at risk of being destroyed in oils created using high temperatures. This is why we believe our method of creating CBD Products is superior to most other methods. CBD Oil extraction methods destroy 90% of the terpenes. Our paste is cooked over low heat for extended periods, keeping terpene loss to a minimum and delivering a superior product.

It is believed by some, that maintaining the integrity of the entire plant is crucial when using the plant medicinally. While CBD and THC survive the heat, terpenes and many other Cannabinoids can be destroyed.

Learn more about terpenes and their effects in medicinal Cannabis.

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