Rheumatoid Arthritis

After my initial diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, my doctor presented me with unappealing options – begin taking pharmaceutical drugs or lose the use of my hands in a few years. Threatened and in a state of shock, I refused to make a hasty decision. And it wasn’t so much that I was resisting modern medicine, it was that many of the drugs offered included severe side effects, even possible cancer.

After a failed initial treatment, CBD Therapy seemed to present a better solution. No serious side effects (there is no ‘high’ that is associated with Cannabis use) and CBD actually helps with nausea – a regular side effect of having RA.

But CBD as a long term treatment has not been thoroughly researched. While there are many testimonials online suggesting that it reduces inflammation and pain, it is not certain whether it can prevent the degeneration of the soft tissue and cartilage in the joints. There is research that points to it being a possibility, but we are still lacking conclusive results.

In the meantime, managing RA means avoiding certain foods. While the medical world holds the opinion that dairy products do not affect RA, I find the opposite is true. Every time I eat more than a very slight amount of dairy, I have to face the consequences later that night and into the next day as my hands begin to stiffen up. Same effects with eating too much sugar, though my doctor had advised me to avoid sugar for this reason.

Stress is another major factor. I find it particularly important to avoid overexertion. And if I am put in a position where I really must overdo, I try my best to slow down and rest during the following days. But I certainly expect a flare up with over activity.

I am not sure how long I will use CBD Treatment as a primary therapy, but I imagine that I would continue it on a lesser scale, even if I switch to more powerful pharmaceutical drugs. CBD helps with nausea and I hope will help manage some of the potential side effects of the pharmaceuticals, if I feel the need to go that route.

I believe each individual has a unique treatment that is right for them. What works for one may not work for the next person. But there are many options. Ask your health care provider if CBD Therapy might be right for you.

While CBD Treatment is not including in the discussion, here is an amazing and very informative video by Dr. Mercola about Rheumatoid Arthritis and the potential hope for remission:


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