Epilepsy and CBD Treatment

During one of Dr. Mechoulam’s initial CBD trials, (see the movie about his life work on our home page) he was given a group of incurable epileptic patients. He prescribed each of them 200 mg of CBD and amazingly – all of their seizures stopped.

While we do not make dosage recommendations, nor would we suggest copying this dosage without being under the care of a physician, the possibilities seem very bright for CBD (Cannabidiol) as treatment a for epilepsy.

Studies are underway and our federal government’s .gov site actually has an amazing amount of data regrading CBD research. Their descriptions tend to be a little technical for the average reader, but you can read more there about CBD Trials where they make the statement:

“At this time, there does seem to be a growing body of basic pharmacologic data suggesting there may be a role for CBD, especially in the treatment of refractory epilepsy.”

As pointed out by Dr. Jon Lapook, in the story below by Scott Pelley and CBS News, its been known since the early seventies that Cannabidiol can block seizures in animals. This is an amazing story about successfully treating human epilepsy with marijuana extracts:

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