CBD Therapy for Children

According to our laws, a Schedule I drug has no accepted use for medical treatment in the United States, a high potential for abuse, and a lack of safety under medical supervision. But with each success in treating illness with Cannabidiol (one of the Cannabinoids in Cannabis), we must ask ourselves – why is Cannabis still a Schedule I drug?

In the case of Cannabis, we are learning the opposite, that it does in fact have a great potential for treating a variety of illnesses.

From treating rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, nausea, and various types of cancer, to epilepsy, PTSD, diabetes, and more, people around the world are making claims of success in treating these maladies. Here is yet another documentary making the case that CBD therapy is a powerful treatment for a variety of illness, and in some cases, even outperform existing pharmaceutical drugs.

The documentary explores the difficulty parents are having in treating their children with CBD extracts. Because Cannabis remains a Schedule I drug, there are federal restrictions limiting research. The result, parents are having to figure out how to dose their children – on their own…

From the National Geographic:

“More parents are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) oil, a cannabis extract with little or none of the psychoactive compound THC, to treat their children who have cancer and epilepsy. The oil is currently legal in dozens of states, but its supply is limited. And the science lags the law—dosing standards haven’t been set, and the effects of long-term use are unclear. Follow Penn and Nicole Mattison and their daughter Millie, Tracy and Josh Ryan and their daughter Sophie, and Sarah and David Rowland and their daughter Lily as they navigate the challenges of using CBD oil.”

An amazing documentary on CBD Therapy and child illness:

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