CBD Paste

Ingredients: MCT oil and Kosher Vegetable Glycerin with high CBD HEMP BUDS


The above illustration shows the Cannabinoid ratios in each product. CBD and CBDa allocation varies slightly based on how much decarboxylation occurs during the cooking process.


The creator of Hemp Paste, My Nutraceuticals, owns the proprietary method by which it is made. This is the most natural form of this medicine known to man, other than tinctures or juicing from fresh cannabis leaves and buds. Unfortunately, even juicing does not properly decarboxylate it, activating the Cannabinoids in order for all it it to travel through the blood brain barrier. We will keep the highlights to a minimum, offering just enough to make our point . . .

The industry standard CBD oil, made using the binders CO2 and Alcohol, has an average of .5% Terpenes or Terpenoids.

Hemp Paste preserves close to 100% of the Terpenoids!

Some lab test have shown that Hemp Paste has over 800% more of the Terpenoids. Science has already proven that Terpenoids are essential to the natural state of Hemp and Cannabis. Without them, its nothing more than synthetic oil.

If the Divine is offering us a gift for healing, should it come to us through a difficult and unnatural process? Why would we need frying pans, and complicated binders to process them? There are over 130 Cannabinoids in Hemp and Cannabis and cooking them at 311 degrees only works to destroy them. There is a much more natural process that preserves the integrity of the Cannabinoid structures.

The future of Nutraceuticals need not be complicated – lets go back to what is natural and begin a better future.

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