CBD Oil Alternatives

Because of the methods for creating CBD oils, many seek a more holistically derived option. CBD Oil is created by adding a binder to plant material. Binders consist of either naptha, butane, CO2, or alcohol. While the CO2 method is one of the healthier binders, we are less enthusiastic with the other choices.

To begin the process, the plant material is aggressively mixed with the chosen binder. After the plant material is removed, the remaining liquid is then heated at a high temperature until the binder evaporates. Many of the Cannabinoids are destroyed in the process and the resulting leftover, is oil that is laden with residue from the binder. (More reasons to choose CBD paste over oil.)

By using Brad Morehouse’s method of creating paste, no binders are required and the resulting product has three ingredients – plant material, vegetable glycerin, and MCT Oil, a super food with multiple benefits. Besides having anti-oxidant properties, MCT oil is capable of improving:

Cognitive functions
Energy levels
Weight Maintenance

We currently offer two alternatives to CBD Oil – Canna Chocolate, and CBD Paste. Both are excellent options when choosing CBD Therapy. Canna Chocolate Bars contain 100 mg of CBD. Priced at $12 each, they are the least expensive (per CBD mg) bar that we have found on the market (four bar minimum order).

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