Canna Doggy

Organic Canna CBD for Dogs

Because of great partners, beautiful Colorado weather, and a well developed strain of CBD,  My Nutraceuticals is able to provide CBD for less than our competition. That means that more of the population that could not afford CBD products for their pets, now can benefit from this God-given plant.

Cannabis and Hemp are the new cancer and epilepsy treatment for dogs that the world is discovering,  says the creator of the Cannabis Paste method.

High Cannabinoid (CBD) Organic Cannabis Paste for your dog has evolved a long way since My Nutraceuticals began. There are now thousands of testimonies spreading on YouTube. My Nutraceuticals, finds no humor when it comes to an ailment our “best friends” may have to be enduring. We have heard the news about how cannabis can manage epilepsy in a countless number of cases and that it is now becoming the new Lyme and cancer treatment for humans.  But the question is – can it really help dogs? The answer is very simple, yes. Canna Doggy is “Saving Dogs Everywhere, One Paw at a Time”.  Man’s best friend now has the opportunity to obtain and maintain, a much healthier, happier and better quality life.

After four years of crossbreeding and testing of over 630 cannabis plants, they achieved a plant strain that tests low in THC and high in CBD. Having such a high strain of CBD means that chemicals, butane, alcohol, or CO2 are not needed to separate or concentrate the product.

What separates Canna Paste edible products from much of the competition, is that the product “Brain Octane” an MCT oil, is used as the added oil or fatty acid.  Fatty acids bonding to cannabinoids are essential for those cannabinoids to travel through the blood brain barrier.

This by itself makes our Canna Doggy CBD medicinally superior.

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