About CBD Hemp Paste

CBD paste is a product from the founder of the hemp and cannabis paste methods. Brad Morehouse was giving cannabis oil to family and friends when he stumbled upon a related Bible verse, Exodus 30:23. After an extensive study, and meeting with Hebrew scholars, he concluded that cannabis had been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Realizing that the earliest users did not have the binders required for the creation of oil, Brad was inspired to continue his research. This eventually led him to replicate the hemp paste methods used in biblical times. And the result is the product we are offering to you today. It is available in both CBD Chocolate Bars and Paste.

Today’s CBD and Canna oils require the use of a binder, i.e., naptha, butane, CO2, or alcohol. The cannabis is soaked or mixed into the binder, leeching out the cannabiniods into the liquid or ice. When using liquid binders, the plant material is then removed, and the remaining liquid is then heated until the original binder has evaporated. During this process, many of the Cannabinoids and most of the terpenes are damaged. What is leftover, is the oil and whatever residues remain from the binder. With Brad’s paste method – only plant material, along with MCT oil and vegetable glycerin remains in the paste and almost all of the terpenes remain intact. MCT oil is a super food with multiple benefits, including: Increased energy level, improved cognitive skills, weight management, and more.

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